Fire Extinguishers of all types – Control – Maintenance – Recharge

ACON Fire Fighting Equipment Ltd. is the sole importer and supplier to the Greek Market, of fire extinguishers of all types, by the Manufacturers’ Brands ABS srl. from Italy, ANAF Group from Italy, Neuruppin, Tyco from Germany and Gloria from Germany. The Brands’ products range, with their variety of technical specifications, meet even the most demanding fire safety applications covering all types of firefighting equipment.

Using a uniquely designed, custom-made ERP system, we have full technical details available and achieve full traceability of all maintained Fire Extinguishing equipment. We offer a Register of Annual Maintenance and a Company Declaration for the Fire Service Authority, and the records of all maintained Fire Extinguishers per type are available during any maintenance activity of fire extinguishing equipment in Industrial, Commercial, Hotel or Residential applications.

Nationwide Network

With a nationwide network of Branches and authorized agents, we can serve our Clients and their facilities throughout Greece, for the Control and Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment, in full compliance with the requirements of current regulations, National and European Standards.

Annual maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Equipment is undertaken in line with the requirements of Ministerial Decisions 618/43/2005 and 17230/671/2005 and the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, to ensure compliance with safety and good operation standards.